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What Is The Role of A Criminal Defence Lawyer

Criminal defence lawyers can be employed by individuals, state or federal government and even large organisations.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges, it is the role of a criminal defence lawyer to help you understand your rights, legal options and defend your innocence in court.

Criminal defence lawyers can be employed by individuals, state or federal government and even large organisations.

Once a criminal charge has been laid and sufficient evidence has been found by the police, the case will go to court. The severity of the charges will determine which court your trial is heard in.

Seeking legal advice as soon as possible is preferable to stay informed of the potential outcomes of the trial. A criminal defence lawyer will help you understand your rights at the time of questioning through to understanding bail applications and beyond.


What Does a Criminal Defence Lawyer Do?

Criminal defence lawyers help the defendant argue why they should not be convicted of charges laid by the prosecution.

A criminal defence lawyer will build effective strategies for mounting a successful criminal defence, interpret laws and determine how prosecutors should proceed. Their advice provides clients with understanding surrounding possible sentencing and legal options, such as pleas of guilty or not guilty for many criminal offences.

It is the responsibility of a criminal defence lawyer to object to insufficient evidence and simultaneously provide evidence that supports their client to achieve a fair outcome.


What Strategies Does a Criminal Defence Lawyer Use?

Outside of the courtroom, a criminal defence lawyer will act as a third party to negotiate a potential resolution with the prosecution before a trial begins.

If the prosecution proceeds to trial, the criminal defence lawyer will utilise the most effective defences to ensure the defendant gets a fair trial.

Criminal defence lawyers work to prove their client innocent by:

• Examining police evidence to assist the jury in determining its reliability;
• Objecting to irrelevant evidence put forward by the prosecution;
• Locating incriminating evidence about another suspect; and
• Locating evidence that supports the innocence of the defendant such as evidence of an alibi.

With the goal of the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant has committed an offence, a criminal defence lawyer can aim to achieve a partial defence to reduce the charge to a lesser offence, or a complete defence to result in an acquittal.

Your lawyer will discuss the best options for your particular case and provide options for how to proceed.


What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Criminal Defence Lawyer

Everyone has the right to defend themselves in court, but defendants are also entitled to be represented by a law professional. An experienced criminal defence lawyer can help you avoid a criminal conviction, giving you the best chance of clearing your name from the risks and financial insecurity posed by a conviction.

A criminal defence lawyer has an in-depth understanding of the laws that apply to your case, as well as experience in negotiating with the prosecution and protecting their clients before, during and after the trial.

If you are found guilty, a criminal defence lawyer can assist you with appeals, the conditions of parole and reducing your sentence.


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