Solicitors in Brisbane – What Type of Lawyer Do You Need?

"More confusion has resulted from the difference between American and Australian legal systems."

Need the help of solicitors in Brisbane? Or maybe a barrister? Really confused by all of the different names that lawyers go by? Let us clear up the differences between lawyers, solicitors, barristers and attorneys so you can be sure which one you need assistance from.



The Encyclopaedic Australian Legal Dictionary defines a ‘lawyer’ as ‘a barrister or solicitor; a person qualified to practice law. The term is used in everyday parlance to describe members of the legal profession.’ Put simply, lawyer is a blanket term for all types of legal practitioners, which is why it is used most commonly. So if you need a lawyer, it is important to clear up which type of lawyer you need.



A solicitor is the first port of call for people who need legal advice. First and foremost, a solicitor’s job is to provide legal advice and support to clients. Solicitors generally work across the entire legal field, but they may specialise in certain areas, like the solicitors at Guest specialise in criminal law.

A solicitor in Brisbane is responsible for preparing documents for court, negotiating between their client and another party, gathering evidence, creating contracts and calculating claims for damages, amongst a number of other jobs. When you’re looking for a solicitor, it is important to find a reputable practitioner with good communication skills to represent you. Preferably, they should specialise in the area you need assistance with. You may want to consult a list of solicitors Brisbane as a starting point.



The key difference between a solicitor and a barrister is that while a solicitor will compile and sort through information in your case, a barrister has more experience in standing up in court to argue on your behalf. Barristers usually have more legal training than solicitors. Depending on the seriousness of your case, you may need assistance from both a solicitor and a barrister. This is something that your solicitor can discuss with you.



The terms attorney and lawyer are often used interchangeably in the legal industry, which is why there has been some confusion about exactly what an attorney is. More confusion has resulted from the difference between American and Australian legal systems. In the United States (and in all of the legal television dramas), an attorney refers to a lawyer who can prosecute and defend cases in a court of law. However, in Australia, an ‘attorney’ is merely another term for a solicitor.


Looking for Solicitors in Brisbane?

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