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Questions To Ask Your Lawyers in Brisbane

"The lawyer you speak to should be able to outline what legal options you have for resolving your legal issue."

Looking for lawyers in Brisbane? Before you sign a contract or commence any work with them, you need to make sure they can answer some important questions.

Here’s what we suggest.

Question 1. What Are the Costs Involved With the Initial Consultation?


Some lawyers in Brisbane will offer initial consultations. Guest Lawyers offer consultations (including in prisons) for any criminal matter.

After engaging a lawyer, you should seek that a costs agreement be provided that includes an estimate of total costs. We suggest asking what other costs you may be responsible for, such as disbursements (e.g. the cost of medical reports), outlays for travel, filing fees and conduct fees for subpoenaed material.

Some lawyers will ask for an initial payment. Others will not ask for payment until your case ends.

Don’t sign any agreement about fees until you understand it and are happy with it.


Question 2. What Areas of Expertise Do These Lawyers Specialise in?


It is important to find yourself lawyers in Brisbane with experience in dealing with your circumstances. For example, if you have been involved in a traffic incident employing the services of a lawyer whose primary expertise is in corporate law may be to your detriment.

Clearly explain your situation so that the law firm can engage the best course of action. Ask which particular lawyer would be taking on your case and what their relevant experience is.


Question 3. What Are The Likely Options Available To Me and the Potential Outcomes?


Each case is different. Lawyers in Brisbane may have varying ways of approaching certain cases based on their previous experience.

The lawyer you speak to should be able to outline what legal options you have for resolving your legal issue. If you do not understand, make sure you get them to explain.

They should be able to indicate the likely outcomes for you. The idea of success in a court case will look different to different people. Discuss and clarify with the lawyer to determine what you are hoping to achieve, and what a successful result might look like for you in this particular case.


Question 4. What Will the Process Look Like?


Make sure you ask your lawyer about their processes, what your specific lawyer will be doing and anything you might be required to do.

Ask about how long the process is likely to take, what might delay the case or process and how you will be kept informed along the way.


Like to Speak with One of Our Lawyers in Brisbane?


We offer initial consultations (including in prisons) for a number of criminal offences, traffic offences and assault offences. Please get in touch with us either via email or by calling ( 07) 3211 3007. We are happy to assist you.