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Here’s How to Get a Work Licence in Qld

If you require a licence for work, then you may be able to apply for a work licence.

If you are either convicted of a drink or drug driving offence, you will be disqualified from holding your driver’s licence. However, if you require a licence for work, then you may be able to apply for a work licence. A work licence in Qld is often referred to as a restricted licence under section 87 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995. Your application for a work licence must meet the following requirements and conditions.

Who Can Apply for a Work Licence?

To be eligible for a work licence in Qld, you will need to meet the following conditions:

  • You have been charged with drink driving or drug driving
  • Your blood alcohol concentration was less than 0.15% when you were caught for one of these offences
  • You carry a current Queensland driver’s licence
  • You weren’t driving for work-related purposes at the time of your arrest
  • You currently do not hold a Qld work licence
  • You haven’t been convicted of a drink driving or drug driving offence in the last five years
  • Your haven’t had your licence disqualified, suspended or cancelled in the last five years

You may not apply for a work licence if you are unemployed (or looking for a job), you need a licence purely for convenience and you hold provisional licence or learner’s permit and at the time of the offence.

How to Apply?

When applying for your work licence in Qld, you must apply to the Magistrates Court at the time you are convicted and before the Court cancels your licence and disqualifies you from driving.

You will then need to prepare the following documents to support your application:

1. Application for an Order directing the issue of a Restricted Licence (s87)
2. An affidavit that addresses the circumstances of the offence (how you will suffer financial hardship if you lose your licence), why you need a licence for your job, and details to support that you are a ‘fit and proper person’
3. An affidavit from your employer confirming your employment, position and how your job will be affected if you lose your licence

Are There Any Conditions?

If the Court grants your application for a restricted work licence in Qld, they may be subject to conditions specified in your order such as the time of day you are allowed to drive or the number of passengers you may carry. These conditions may include:

  • A zero blood alcohol concentration when driving
  • Driving only allowed for work purposes
  • Carry your licence and court order when driving
  • Drive a certain class of vehicle

Do You Need Legal Representation?

Work licence applications are not always straightforward, and the decision to grant a work licence in Qld is not taken lightly. We recommend seeking legal representation from experienced traffic lawyers to ensure your application meets all the criteria and even represent you in court. We will also work with you and your employer directly to prepare your affidavit. Our team at Guest Lawyers have dealt with a wide variety of both traffic and criminal cases in various courts across Qld.

Speak to Our Lawyers About Applying for a Work Licence in Qld

Our experienced traffic lawyers can assist with any work licence application across Qld. We also provide legal advice and representation for all other traffic matters, including drink driving and dangerous driving offences. Please get in touch to speak to one of our team members at Guest Lawyers by email or by phone.