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Why You Should Hire a DUI Lawyer

"A DUI lawyer can also assist with an application for an S79E licence if it has been suspended until your Court date."

If you’ve found yourself needing the services of a DUI lawyer, the police have likely intercepted you such as, confiscations which often has consequences for the status of your licence.

Depending on your blood alcohol concentration at the time of the incident, you could be facing harsh and long-lasting penalties. This is when an experienced DUI lawyer can help reduce your penalty, obtain a work licence, or have the charges dropped altogether.


Drink Driving Penalties in QLD

Drink driving penalties largely depend on your blood alcohol concentration at the time of the incident. Here are standard penalties for a first-time offence:

Blood/Breath Alcohol Concentration Licence Disqualification Maximum Fine Maximum Jail Time
Over 0.00, but under 0.05 BAC (learner, probationary or provisional licences, and drivers of particular motor vehicles) 3 – 9 months $1,706 3 months
0.05 and over, but under 0.10 1 – 9 months $1,706 3 months


0.10 and over, but under 0.15 3 – 12 months $2,438 6 months


0.15 and over Minimum of 6 months $3,413 9 months


However, if drink driving has caused an accident or harm to a person, you will likely face penalties much more severe than the ones listed above. You can also expect harsher penalties if you have a history of traffic offences, such as other DUI offences.

The Magistrate has additional sentencing options including ordering that you be subject to probation or a jail term (either allowing you to remain in the community or serving actual time in custody). And an alcohol interlock device is a mandatory requirement if you recorded an alcohol reading of 0.10 or above.


Penalties for Repeat DUI Offences

If you’ve previously been charged with a traffic offence, your penalty for a DUI will increase based on the number of offences you’ve been charged with and the level of seriousness of the most recent offence. Penalties can range from fines of more than $7,000, having your car impounded or a licence disqualification of two years’ jail time. So if you are a repeat offender, we would highly recommend hiring a DUI defence lawyer to fight to reduce your penalty.


How a DUI Lawyer Can Help

An expert DUI lawyer can build a defence as to why you should receive a lesser penalty or have all charges completely dropped. A DUI lawyer can also assist with an application for an S79E licence if it has been suspended until your Court date (depending if you are eligible).

If your licence has already been disqualified as a result of a court hearing, a DUI lawyer can help you apply for a restricted work licence. This license will allow you to drive during specific days and hours, depending on your work needs. Applying for these special licences is a complex process, which is why seeking help from a DUI lawyer, is invaluable.

The team at Guest Lawyers are experts in representing people in DUI and traffic matters. We offer initial consultations (including in prisons) to assist with a number of traffic offence matters. While our office is located in Brisbane, we often travel to other states and territories to represent our clients in court. Please get in touch with our lawyers either via Guest Lawyers’ email or by calling (07) 3211 3007.