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Do You Need the Help of a Criminal Lawyer? Advice from Guest Criminal Lawyers Brisbane

"In addition to representing people all over Queensland, we often travel across Australia for our clients."

With so many different legal processes in various parts of Australia, criminal law can be a difficult topic to navigate. In this blog article we provide a brief description of the situations in which you may need assistance from a Brisbane criminal lawyer, as well as some information on the most common offences we deal with.


Types of Criminal Offences

In Brisbane and the rest of Queensland, criminal offences include acts such as vandalism, driving offences, transport fare evasion, fraud, burglary, drug offences, a range of assaults, manslaughter, murder and attempted murder. More information about these criminal offences conducted in Queensland can be found here.


Traffic Offences

Hooning’ is the common word used in Queensland to describe any anti-social behaviour conducted in a motor vehicle. This can include dangerous or carless driving, speeding, driving in any way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke, racing on a public road and evading police.

These offences are now classed as either Type 1 or Type 2 offences, which can result in an arrest, an infringement notice or a notice to appear in court. Penalties for traffic offences vary significantly, from small fines to 6 months in jail. These penalties can also apply to transport fare evasion.


Drug Offences

Drug offences in Queensland cover possession of illegal drugs, supplying, trafficking or producing illegal drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia (items used to take or produce drugs). Drug offences also include permitting a place to be used for a drug offence and drug driving.

Penalties vary depending on the amount and category of drug involved in the offence. Schedule 1 drugs such as amphetamines, cocaine, and ecstasy carry greater penalties that Schedule 2 drugs such as cannabis. For example, supplying heroin carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in jail whereas supplying cannabis carries a maximum sentence of 20 years. In some cases of minor drug offences, offenders are given the opportunity to receive professional help to quit using drugs through the Drug Diversion Programs.


Assault Offences

The term ‘assault’ covers all actions causing physical or mental harm to another person. Assault offences can range from common assault (which may result in minor injuries or someone being threatened) to assault causing grievous bodily harm. Assault offences also include unlawful wounding, sexual assault and stalking. Penalties for assault offences depend on the seriousness of the assault and or the injuries to the victim.


All Other Criminal Law Matters

Aside from the aforementioned criminal matters, there are many other instances where Brisbane criminal lawyers can assist with obtaining a better outcome. Situations involving prosecutions by the Office of Fair Trading or any other regulatory bodies, parole board decision reviews, bail applications, coronial inquests and commissions of enquiry, will all benefit from the assistance of a Brisbane criminal lawyer.


How Guest Criminal Lawyers Can Help You

Guest Criminal Lawyers Brisbane provides assistance for a range of legal matters not mentioned in this article, which can be found here.

Here at Guest Lawyers we act for all persons charged with criminal offences who are required to appear before the Magistrates and Supreme Court. We also conduct appeals in the Court of Appeal and High Court. In addition to representing people all over Queensland, we often travel to other states and territories. Our lawyers are admitted to practice all over Australia.

We offer initial consultations  (including in prisons) to assist with a number of criminal matters. Please get in touch with us either via email or by calling (07) 3211 3007. Our team of experienced Brisbane criminal lawyers will be more than happy to assist you