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Can You Conceal Carry a Gun in Australia?

Whichever state or territory you reside in, you must have a firearm licence to possess or use a firearm or gun.

Many people are unaware of the gun laws in Australia. That in itself is a good thing, because it means that gun ownership is not commonplace, and in addition, neither is gun crime.

However, if you do own a gun, or are looking to purchase and to carry one on your person, it is imperative you understand and abide by the laws currently in place. Can you conceal carry a gun in Australia?

We share what the gun laws are in Queensland, with a particular focus on concealed carry in Australia below.


What are the Gun Laws in Australia?

So, what do the laws say? Can you conceal carry a gun in Australia? Whichever state or territory you reside in, you must have a firearm licence to possess or use a firearm or gun. Those with a licence must be able demonstrate a “genuine reason” (not including self-defence) for holding a firearm licence and must not be a “prohibited person”. Your firearm must be registered with a serial number to the owner.

While gun laws are still largely governed at State and Territory level, the laws themselves were mostly aligned in 1996 by the National Firearms Agreement. The Federal Government funded the National Firearms Buyback Program after the Port Arthur Massacre, and this, in addition to other buyback and voluntary surrender initiatives, prompted more than 1 million firearms to be surrendered and destroyed.

In Queensland, the Weapons Act 1990 governs the use, sale and ownership of guns and other weapons. The Criminal Code 1899 governs offences committed related to the use of guns.



The states and territories are responsible for issuing firearms licences and user permits to people who require it for a legal reason, such as hunters, farmers, sport shooters and pest controllers.

You must have this permit, and have purchased your firearm from a licensed seller in order to be able to purchase, and to use a gun in Australia.

You will not be able to obtain a gun licence in any State or Territory if you have a history of mental illness, or if you are a convicted offender.


Carrying a Gun

It is illegal to carry a gun or any weapon in public in Australia, concealed or otherwise. This is because public safety is paramount, and carrying a gun could incite fear and endanger other citizens.

In Queensland, there are severe penalties in place when using or carrying a weapon in a public place. These offences include:

  • carrying a replica weapon in public
  • carrying a weapon in a public place that is exposed to public view
  • being in a public place and carrying a loaded firearm or a weapon capable of being discharged
  • being armed in a public place in a way that incites fear
  • firing or discharging any firearm in, into, towards, over, or through a public place.


Have You Been Charged With Carrying a Weapon in Public?

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