Assault Charges and Penalties in QLD

"While you can argue self defence as a reason for the assault, a skilful lawyer will argue your case effectively."

Assault charges are taken very seriously in Queensland, and therefore carry hefty penalties. In this article, we clear up the different types of assault charges and their varying penalties. If you need further advice, the team at Guest Lawyers is more than happy to help.


Assault Charges in QLD

Assault charges in QLD are laid if any form of physical or mental harm was caused to another person. This may include touching, striking or applying force of any degree to another person without their consent. It is important to make the distinction that you do not have to hit someone to be charged with assault, simply threatening them can be classified as assault.


Common Assault

True to its name, common assault is the most frequent form of assault charge laid for minor assault offences. An example of a common assault is a scuffle at a bar resulting in minor injuries. Although the offence may be considered minor, it will still need to be heard in the Queensland courts. The maximum penalty for common assault is 7 years in prison, so hiring an expert criminal lawyer is highly recommended.


Assault Causing Bodily Harm

Assault causing bodily harm is a more serious offence whereby the victim suffers injuries which interfere with their health or comfort. An example of assault causing bodily harm is any action that would cause a person to seek hospital treatment or take time off work. The maximum sentence for assault causing bodily harm is 7 years. However, if the offender has a weapon, pretends to have a weapon or involves another person, the sentence increases to 10 years.


Unlawful Wounding and Grievous Bodily Harm

Unlawful wounding involves breaking or penetrating the skin, usually resulting in bleeding. It carries a maximum sentence of 7 years’ imprisonment. Grievous bodily harm is a very serious offence whereby the victim receives a loss of a distinct part of an organ, serious disfigurement or any injury that if left untreated would endanger a person’s life or cause permanent ill-health. Imprisonment of 14 years can result from this type of assault charge.


Assault Penalties in QLD

Different assault charges carry varying penalties depending on the seriousness of the the injuries to the victim. While prison time is possible, assault penalties in QLD may also include intensive corrections orders, probation, community service orders, fines, or in the best case scenario – a complete dismissal of all charges. For the best possible outcome, seek assistance from an expert criminal lawyer.


Facing Assault Charges? Our Criminal Lawyers Can Help

If you are facing assault charges, hiring a criminal lawyer will greatly improve your chances of lessening the severity your penalty. While you can argue self defence as a reason for the assault, a skilful lawyer will argue your case effectively. Guest Lawyers offer initial consultations (including in prisons) to assist with a number of assault charges. Please get in touch with our lawyers either via Guest Lawyers’ email or by calling (07) 3211 3007. Our team of Brisbane criminal lawyers will be happy to assist you.